R&D Facilities

        The Company has strong ability in new product development and quality control and has the new product development center and the physical and chemical properties test center, which is the “refractories production and research base” and “student internship and training base”. There are 22 researchers, including 6 outside experts; there are also more than 40 sets of R&D equipment, with the total value of nearly 2,000,000 yuan and more than 50 units of pilot equipment, with the value of 4,800,000 yuan. The R&D equipment includes flexural strength tester, compressive strength tester, grinding sampling machine, cement mortar flow tester, rotational viscometer, 1100℃ and 1600℃ medium and high-temperature test electric furnace, etc.; While the test equipment includes multielement detector, flame photometer, laser granulometry, particle image analyzer, etc. to carry out the new products R&D. In recent years, there are new products put into industrial production as well as many new technologies and new technological achievements put into production and application ever year.