• Product Name: Microporous sintered alumina
  • ID: b03

Microporous sintered alumina

Product introduction:
  By special technology and through modeling and simulation, micropored sintered alumina has been developed and produced, featured by reduced bulk density, 3.3-3.4g/cm3, and significantly increased closed pores with diameters in micron or sub-microns, leading to reduced thermal conductivity, while other properties remain equivalent to those of conventional sintered alumina.

  For energy saving purpose, efforts of reducing heat loss through working lining refractories without deteriorating their service performances are receiving increased importance and attention. Lightening refractory linings by using appropriately micropored sintered material is meaningful in reducing thermal conductivity, releasing structural stress and improving thermal shock resistance, while maintaining other key properties, which is contributive to achieving higher durability while lower heat loss.

  The following advantages can be offered by using micropored sintered alumina to partially or completely replace conventional sintered alumina aggregates in refractories:

  •Reduced thermal conductivity, contributive to insulating and energy saving

  •Reduced material consumption, helpful to lighten refractory linings

  •No degradation in strength and resistance to corrosive media attack, due to enhanced grain-matrix bonding.

  •Significantly improved thermal shock resistance.


Technical Indicators:

Data sheet of JGW microporous sintered alunina



Typical values

Chemical composition

Al2O3 (By subtraction method)












Bulk density



Colsed porosity




Size availability:
  Different sizes including 8-5 mm, 5-3 mm, 3-1 mm, 1-0 mm or other specific sizes according to customers’ requirements can be provided.
Product package:
  25kg/bag, 1000kg/bag or other specific packages as per users’ requirements are available.